Re: First impressions of MusE 2.0

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On Thu, 2012-09-13 at 17:00 +0100, Dan MacDonald wrote:
> However, not everyone needs the high-end audio features Ardour offers
> so if you do more sequencing and only make light use of audio then
> MusE could be a better choice for such users than Ardour is. We're all
> free to choose what software we use to record with. I'm very happy we
> have a choice of Linux DAWs and with a few of them getting seriously
> good now too.

I use Qtractor for MIDI and when the MIDI tracks are ok, then I record
everything with Ardour2 and continue with recording guitars, vocals

Rosegarden and Ardour3 don't fit to my workflow.
Muse never worked on my machine, perhaps Muse2 will run.

Using Jack transport doesn't work for my workflow, if it would, I would
use Qtractor (or Muse) and Ardour2 at the same time.


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