Re: Too many xruns

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On 09/06/12 07:28, Len Ovens wrote:
Be aware that putting: snd-ice1712 snd
will put all that other stuff on irq 16 between your ice and your internal
card and you may wish to explicitly make them lower.

I thought that rtirq looks at softirqs and not at hardware IRQs. So if the order in rtirq is snd_ice1712 snd then only snd_ice1712 gets a higher prio and all the other devices on the hardware IRQ get the default prio (which is 50). The next item in the list (snd) gets a prio below snd_ice1712 of which the step is defined by RTIRQ_PRIO_DECR (default is 5). If there are multiple snd devices they get a prio below the first snd device with steps of 1. Maybe this behavior has changed with the most recent version of rtirq, haven't tried it.


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