Re: [LAD] Kontakt sampler format (and others like EXS24)

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On 09/04/2012 02:52 PM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
On 04/09/12 09:54, Brendan Jones wrote:
I was having beers this weekend with one of the lead Native
Instruments Guitar Rig developers and the impression I got ( when
raising the topic of Linux support) was they do not have enough
manpower to contend with all of the different flavours and
distributions out there.
Realistically though, I'm not sure how we can mitigate the situation.

Well you should have got him another couple of beers and had him sign an
non-revocable commitment statement to release all their stuff open
source and upload it to git hub, of course. :)

Ha ha - of course - why didn't I think of that :P

One thing he did say is that all of the NI apps use a common audio and UI framework. So getting one to work should mean the rest should follow. But alas, its not even on the radar - I will keep checking in though.

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