Any program suitable for Backingband?

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I'm doing more and more live stuff this days and personally and together in a 
band, I'm/we are using backingband played from some variations of music 
players (stereo out).

I'm in a need of a player (or something that acts like a player) for backing-
band and monitoring purposes(the music plus ticks and individual mixes and so 

Does it exists a program and/or well established practice in Linux that can do 
this stuff in an easy, predictable and quick way when using a computer with a 
sufficent numbers of audio channels:

*Start a song with a foot pedal (space button on a keyboard
 is good enought). This is start, stop pause through a play list.
*Providing several channels out (jack/soundcard) for
 in house mixers, click track, individual monitor mixes and so on

Ordinary DAWs are probably not good for this, so any suggestions?

Thank you.


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