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On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 4:54 PM, Robin Gareus <robin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> NB. frequency scaling _can_ be an issue when using jack2 (or tschak) on
>> a multi-core machine: The total system-load (over all CPUs) may still be
>> too low for the CPU governor to react, while DSP load is already at the
>> limit.

This is an edge case and very hard to reproduce and very unlikely to
cause any issue to normal users (Sorry Nando, you and your setup at
CCRMA don't qualify as /normal/. It's an awesome setup).

For the record, I also see similar problems on my machine, which is a bog standard 6 core Phenom II.  However I simply have a widget on my desktop that I swap through the various CPU frequency scaling governors, namely going to performance when I need to do heavier audio work.  The rest of the time I keep it on low power and can do basic audio work till I max out the single core I am working on in A2 or Mixbus.  Jack doesn't stop running on my machine really.

Personally I like my setup, it is a piece of cake to click on my desktop, and select the appropriate governor when I need to do work.  And I have never had a problem on max performance with xruns on any project really till I max out the CPU with processing of course.

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