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On 17/07/12 11:51, Atte André Jensen wrote:

I'm in the process of reworking my live setup. Is basically written in chuck, controlled by a launchpad and a bcr2000, sound is coming from renoise triggered over OSC. It's written for me, since I couldn't find anything that I liked, but it's fairly modular and very stable, so others might have interest in looking at or using parts of it. I have absolutely no problem (quite the contrary) in sharing the whole thing (GPL), but I'm not trying to develop for others, so I don't really see it as a new project in the linux audio world.

I use git locally to handle the code, but would like to put it somewhere as a backup for me and for easier sharing with brave souls. My own songs are in there too, although not the renoise files. So although people can't really "steal" my entire show, there are some personal stuff in there.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a git repo that could fit my needs? Anyone but stuff up somewhere that has a similar "profile"; private code that you don't mind people looking at?
Gitorious announced the feature:

But I think they haven't actually updated and thus that feature :|

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