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Are you using 'whirl.horn.acceleration' in your config files?

Actually, there have been a changes that break backwards compatibility
of some config files. In Beatrix both acceleration and deceleration were
incorrectly spelled with double 'll'.

But note that the unit has changed, too. setBfree's
 'whirl.horn.acceleration' is in RPM/sec.
 'whirl.horn.accelleration' was in RPM per process-cycle (128 samples)

The default speed of the leslie-drum has been updated as well - it's a
bit faster than beatrix' original to match measurements made by Jonathan
S. Abel and Julius O. Smith. They wrote outstanding papers on the
subject and we are in direct contact with them. Improving the leslie
emulation is on our ToDo list.

Anyway, you can get the old default with

It is entirely possible that the sound is slightly different. The synth
engine is no longer fixed at 22.05kHz, 16bit. We tried hard to preserve
as much as we can in the process and retain artifacts when converting it
to float; but it certainly is not bit-exact and there may be bugs..

Yes, please send us samples and point out differences that make you
unhappy. Either upload them send somewhere or send them directly to me
by mail.

Will has access to real B3's and Leslie cabinets and already mentioned a
few differences between the emulator and the real thing, too. I dare say
we'll get there in time.

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