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Am 08.07.2012 um 21:36 schrieb Lorenzo Sutton <lorenzofsutton@xxxxxxxxx>:

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On 08/07/12 06:11, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

[... some bullshit about academia ...] (IMHO - IIRC)

[... some other bullshit about "music and emotion" ...] (IMHO - IIRC)

IIRC another reply was regarding to "it's better to know how to name
chords, than to say 'put one finger to that fret and another finger to
this fret'"Full ACK, but in the beginning nobody is able to know that

This is so surprising from a person who is on a linux mailing list: this is exactly the difference between "just open the exe file on windows" (mechanically do something that seems to 'get the job done' without trying to understand how it works) and try downloading the source and understanding how things work i.e. learnng.

Knowing the theory means helping to learn and understand what phenomena (physical, psychophysical, social, cultural) are behind the your 'music and emotion' thing - otherwise you are mystifying and turning music into black magic ;)

There's nothing wrong with giving names to phenomena if we want to talk about them, acoustic or any other. In fact it helps a lot.

Besides that: problems (or acoustic phenomena, or the warm fuzzy feeling I get when listening to it) don't disappear when given names or being talked about.

Except for psychotherapy maybe, you can't analyze away problems. _______________________________________________
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