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On Sun, 03 Jun 2012 10:48:06 -0400,
Al Thompson <althompson58@xxxxxxxxx> wrote :

> > And, any suggestion for creative click track use (and Ardour click
> > track output/assign of audio file for click ?), or how to redo a
> > base track when everything depends on it, would be appreciated.

> I don't think you're going to find a way to do this in the way that
> you are thinking.  The problem is that a click is always going to be
> associated with the BAR/BEAT time on your track, and if you aren't
> initially playing along with a click, the chances that you will stay
> with one is just about zero.  What I would recommend is to play your
> track the way you want, and then go back and manually add a "click"
> track by listening to the guitar, and record another track with you
> counting, or clapping, or using whatever sample you prefer, manually
> triggered.  That way, your initial guitar track becomes the "time
> source" and you wouldn't have to follow along with a click.

That's a System D type of solution.  System Duh! ;-)  So simple and
probably quite effective.  Enables free form playing for the first
track.  Enables time shifts without metronome headaches.  So simple.
Thanks, that seems to be quite the solution.

Now, not that I'd like to do that now (and that's surely wishful
thinking) but, if I use a muted drum sound for the manual click, and if
this drum sound is actually produced using a MIDI drum pad, is there
any way for these MIDI 'click' events to be used to sync any MIDI
sequencer ?

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