Re: Digits VST for Linux

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On 05/26/2012 12:26 PM, Louis Gorenfeld wrote:
Hmm do you have all the libraries? It *should* work on Ubuntu 10 since
that's what I compiled it with. It's also a 32-bit .so, which I think
I initially failed to mention on my site. On Linux, I've only tested
it so far with Renoise, so maybe give it a shot there.

I'm trying it right now with QTractor but it's greyed out in the
add-track menu with no error in the log. I'm probably doing something
wrong since this is the first time I've tried QTractor :)

Ah, my bad, it looks like QTractor doesn't support native Linux VST. Ardour3 does, but I get the error reported earlier.

I have the latest Renoise demo. How can load DigitsVST into it ? (Sorry, not a regular Renoise user.)



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