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On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 7:22 PM, Frits van der Holst <frits@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Josh,

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Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 15:16:11 -0500
From: Josh Lawrence <hardbop200@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: using linux to manage your gigs?
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hi list,

this is one of my busiest times of the year for gigging; I'm usually playing at least once a week, and sometimes multiple times a week.  there are a couple of things I'm frustrated about:

* my song lists are all on paper.  they have no information about the song at all.  it would be nice to be able to sort by key, genre (rock, pop, r&b, motown, etc.).  it would be nice if calling up the song called up the chord chart, which brings me to my next point?

* I looked through many presentation softwares, chord chart management, etc.  they all seem focused on the church crowd.  I need something *simple*.  I choose a song, and the chart that I have available for it (either text or pdf or whatever) is displayed in a split window.

ok, that's what I want, and no one gets what they want.  :)  so, I'm open to any and all ideas.  what do you use?  do you manage your set lists with linux?  chord charts?  I tried the whole "thinking outside the box" and looked for maybe some file management software, but I got overwhelmed quickly.  any and all ideas are welcome.

I am kind of in the same problem. Having a folder full of .txt, .pdf, or tiff, or .png files all holding chord structures, sheet music etc.. Stuff for one band, stuff for another band, stuff for lessons etc..

If emacs is ok with you, you may look at orgmode's
- links
- properties
Organizing with sub folders for genre or type is simply not enough.
I am playing around with Tellico a generic collection manager with some templates for all kinds of collections (stamps, coins, files, etc..). It's fairly easy to make your own collection with fields for, for example, key, genre, type etc..
It allows for having (file) URL's so when you have found what you need in the catalog you can open the file directly.

Tellico is in the Ubuntu repositories.

Hope this helps.

Frits van der Holst

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