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On 05/12/2012 05:54 PM, Mike Mazarick wrote:
> "The aim of the consortium is to promote and enable the use
> of Linux kernel based systems for professional audio use."   

The most common denominator. Short and to the point. It includes
everyone from developer to musician; and encompasses everything from
development, discussion, collaboration, cooperation, information,
announcements,.. etc.

Personally I'd rather see this loosen up than becoming more specific.
ie. promote free-software in general rather than GNU/Linux only, but
I would not exchange Linux for anything - not BSD nor Darwin,.. so I'm fine.

> "The LAU list is dedicated to providing freedom for the developer,
> musician, and audience thru the application of music".
> This one seems just right.

There's much more on than just the LAU list.

"LAU is the mailinglist for users of linux audio software to ask
questions, help others, discuss or just hang out."

Now one could /bikeshed/ or nitpick over details,.. but why? making
music, soundtracks or designing and writing software is more fun.

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