Re: Speakers gymnastics ?

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On 10 May 2012 at 12:26, jonetsu <jonetsu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Recently I got some Ozric Tentacles more or less relatively recent CDs
> which has at times extremely low and powerful bass sounds.  Caught me
> off guard in the car as the car's speakers went booming.  And then it
> happened a few other times.  Now, when I play 'regular' CDs that I used
> to play before, I notice that I have to lower the bass by one notch,
> compared to the usual setting, as it is more powerful than it used to
> be.  Or is it just some problem with my perception/eras ?  Is it
> possible at all that driving very low bass sounds at a fairly high
> volume for small amounts of time 'flexes' some speaker membrane and
> make them play bass sounds better afterwards ?

If they truly sound different, then they've been damaged, and are 
likely to continue to be more damaged.

It could be that you're paying more attention to the low end tho.

That's all very Strange[itudes].  ;-)



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