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2012/4/27 thijs van severen <thijsvanseveren@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Emanuel!
> I was going trough my mails and bumped upon this one.
> The sounds are really nice :-)
Thank you
> Have you made any progres with making a hydrogen drumkit from these sounds?
> Currently we have a drumkit contest going on, a drumnkit with these sounds
> would be a great addition!
> I would like to create a drumkit from these sounds but since im member of
> the hydrogen team i cant enter the contest.
> You can use a script to automate the creation of your drumkit.
> Mail me if you need more info
Thanks for reminding, Thijs.
Currently linuxsampler doesn't work here, which was intended to be
used for pre-listening.
If I'm able to fix it, I'm going to start with creation of an h2 drumkit.

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