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Le 23/04/2012 02:06, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano a écrit : currently has (AFAIK) complete control of its brand, content and message. It is being kindly hosted by and run by volunteers....If advertising is accepted I presume will have to be hosted somewhere else (out of the .edu domain). Then advertising becomes a requirement for the survival of No advertising, no hosting money. The more depends on advertising to run, the more it will be subject to control of its message.
Fernando do have a pertinent point of view (of course!). Now, if we run the hypothesis to the paranoïac level : it could happened that LAO goes out of the .org domain, say to .com one. Then, people driving it could not find enough advertisers to pay the bills, and then could just close. Of course it's a bit excessive as a description ! (Or not, viewing the financial health of the whole system ?)

Anyway, Patrick asked for feedback, and had most advices not centered in his way to see the situation. I think it's a good thing that LAO is driven by volunteers, and out of commercial circuits. And of course it doesn't forbid anybody to make money with his LA productions. Means, Libre software is the point at LAO (if I understand it correctly), not bussiness ! If you add advertising you go into the business world (not to say it's evil, but different)


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