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Personally, I'm averse against all forms of advertising :)

That's interesting. So how do you feel about for example, Google? A Linux
focused company that makes the bulk of it's revenue from advertising, that
contributes a significant amount of money to open source development and
even employs members of this the Linux Audio Community. They also happen
to be one of the largest companies in the tech world.
We're getting a bit OT here, but it's fun to get known to each other,
isn't it..
Yes, please gentlemen tell us about that
RedHat is doing a fine job. But different rules apply: is
a community site, RedHat is a company. Apples and Oranges.
May we eat Pineapples instead, or not ?
How about Ubuntu? Should Mark Shuttelworth feel sorry for advertising the
viability of the ubuntu experience?
My "ubuntu experience" is a rather sad story. I recommend to most PPL
not to use Ubuntu.

I recommend People to learn Debian, but it's good if they ask from Ubuntu instead of Wdw$...
Should they stop marketing and promotions?
yes, I'd very much prefer that.

What about Ardour and Harrison or even Trinity Audio Group? Should they
stop accepting paid advertising or paying for advertising/marketing
There's advertisement on ?
THERE IS, in the very center of
BUT, it's not necessary a bad thing...
Means, Paul is one of the rare persons to live by FLOSS,
every subscriptor knows that ! (at least, I do)))

Not to mention TV and Radio. Both industries represent a significant
potential revenue stream for Linux Audio businesses.
/me does not have a TV nor Radio :)
/me the same for tv, but could you mention any FLOSS radio-tv ?

My personal opinion aside:

+1 on below :
Nobody complained that you put a link to _your_ site on the pages _you_
maintain on * - but 3rd party interests - esp paid - is

Do the other members of this community feel so strongly too? That
advertising is without merit
Advertising, merit is not invoked in that, it's here to sell !!!
  and should be avoided like the plague for
fear of contaminating out precious Linux Audio Ecosystem.
Plague is not appropriated, if you see what I means, some images are too strong...
Are we so succeptable to the evil powers of corporations that seek to
control our message and brand
Brand, one more time....
that we cannot manage to hold our own ground
and even take control

Keeping the control, yep, that's the point here !
  of the message for our own purposes to promote the
viability and power of the Linux Audio Platform and tools?
Again, the

viability and power will never been aquired by advertise, but
with proofs of viability and power, from mouth to ears...

probably not, but there's a big lack of manpower behind
esp when it comes to bureaucracy, administration and PR. It'd be easy to
subvert the medium and the message.
Hope it'll be not !

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