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On 04/21/2012 11:13 PM, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Do other people here have any strong opinions on the usefulness of
> advertising in the Linux Audio community?

My company hosts a Linux-related documentation site that uses about 25GB
of bandwidth per month, and I have a no-advertising policy (not even a
plug for my own company). It works for my company and the project we
host, much as's hosting of has worked until now.

I wouldn't do anything for 50 bucks a year, myself, much less change
hosting arrangements just to make an extra 50 bucks a year, but I guess
we all have a price. I can't believe you would be getting this worked up
over so little money... unless your plan is for that to be merely the
foot in the door, which seems likely based on your vehemence.

As a user, though? Knock yourself out, buddy, I've got Adblock Plus and
Greasemonkey. I wouldn't see your ad more than once regardless.

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