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2012/4/13 thijs van severen <thijsvanseveren@xxxxxxxxx>

2012/4/13 Emanuel Rumpf <xbran@xxxxxx>
Am 13. April 2012 09:07 schrieb thijs van severen <thijsvanseveren@xxxxxxxxx>:
> CORRECTION: it's H2's 'GM kit' that is in the table
> i'll add the official GM mapping to the table
> sorry for the noise

Thank you Thijs.
There is a small mistake:
   "GM midi mapping ( H2 instrument 1 = note 35 'Accoustic Bass Drum'  )"
should sound:
   "GM midi mapping ( H2 instrument 1 = MIDI-note-nr. 36 == 'Bass Drum 1'  )"

Obviously there is no midi note 35 in H2 (?)

Hi Emanuel
i noticed that too, and there is more that that :  on the H2 GM kit everything is +/- ok between 'kick' and 'open HH', but then it goes all wrong
so basically the H2 GM kit is not GM compliant  ...  great ...  ;-)

I have to admit,  GM-drums  is not very appropriate for some of todays music,
where different snare and drum sounds are used.

true, i have been using H2 for a couple of years now and this is the first time that i stop to think about this for the simple reason that i always create my own kits per song (by taking sounds from all the existing drumkits) so i never really cared about this
But still - better than nothing - as orientation.

(at that time they only had rock'n'roll ;)


Someone could assign a second/third bass-drum sound
to any of the toms - if required.

Thanks. Emanuel

FYI : i just created a GM compliant drumkit template that can speak :-)  (no really, it speaks!)
check it out here :



follow me on my Audio & Linux blog !


follow me on my Audio & Linux blog !

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