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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen at TASCAM,
Thank you for your reply. I guess I (and a couple of others) will probably be satisfied with other (linux friendly ) vendors (e.g ECHO Audio).
yours sincerely,
Gerald Mwangi
On Sa, 2012-04-14 at 03:20 +0000, TASCAM Pre-Sales Support wrote:
2012-04-13 20:20:03
Hello Gerald Mwangi,
Thank you for contacting TASCAM.
Our customer support representative, NFaison, has written
the following response to your message:


The US-1800 has dedicated drivers for Windows and Macintosh only.
We appreciate the extra information.

Thank you for your interest in TASCAM products.

Below is a copy of the message that you submitted:

Support Reference Code: 9L5UWM3B
Support Request Type: Pre-Sales Information
Product: US-1800
Your Question:
I'm deciding whether to buy the US-1800. Since I run Linux (Ubuntu) with jack and ardour ( ), I need to know if the device is USB 2.0 audio class compliant or if there are plans for a dedicated driver. Or at least plans to publish sufficient information to the linux audio developers ( If nothing is planned in that direction, I will switch to the Firewire solutions from Focusrite, since Focusrite actively supports the linux audio developers! It's not that much work to disclose some information. And you'll have some 500+ linux musicians BUYING YOUR PRODUCTS! Afterall, your a hardware vendor, not a software vendor.
Gerald Mwangi

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