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Hi Julien

I see what you mean, and it would be an elegant way of overcoming my handedness, having a separate keyboard routed with a bit of velocity compression on the one for the right hand.

Alas, I do have two midi controller keyboards and whilst one is an 88-key, semi-weighted affair, the other is a synth-action keyboard which now seems to have a few dodgy keys. Intermittent keys aside, a synth action is no good for playing piano on, there just isn't the feedback and it goes from nearly right to the top velocity layer with barely a difference in touch, but that probably says more about my skills than anything else.

Thanks again


On 10/04/12 22:17, Julien Claassen wrote:
Hi Q!
Couldn't you use two masterkeyboards for the playing? You say synthSS.
so you could have one for the left and one for the right hand and then
do some clever MIDI routing and changng of incoming velocity events.
Well splitting wouldn't work for such a piece, really, even if your
keyboard could handle it.
It was no trouble listening to it nor commenting. :-)
Warmly yours
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