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On 04/04/2012 11:55 AM, Gerald Mwangi wrote:
Hi guys,
I want to buy a usb sound card with the following specs:
16 input channels :
    at least 8 Mic ins,
    the rest line ins, intrument ins or ADAT ins (optical)
    no spdif

output channels:
    8 would be nice but not a must

price: 300-350 €

I have these on my list: (has no ADAT, but only spdif) (unkown manufacturer, at least to me)

Neither of the two you list meet your criteria.  The Tascam only provides 14 inputs (not counting the S/PDIF), and the Firefly is Firewire only.

I don't know of a 16x4 USB device right off hand.

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