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Hi Emanuel

Very good point you are making there
Hydrogen does not force you to follow the GM mapping at all, so you are free to do what you want
as always freedom is great but it can also get you in a great big mess ;-)

The note-instrument mapping is documented in the manual (see
hope this answers your question ?

in the ideal world all drumkits use the same mapping, thereby allowing you to create a pattern that works with any drumkit
unfortunately this is not the case :-(

however, you can easily drag an instrument up/down in your loaded drumkit to the correct 'location' and there there are plans to make the midi mapping configurable


PS: dont forget to submit your drumkit for the Hydrogen drumkit contest !

2012/4/3 Emanuel Rumpf <xbran@xxxxxx>
What instrument-IDs would one use for a GM compatilbe kit ?

aks differently:
what instrument-ID would map to MIDI-Nr.36 == bass drum 1

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