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On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 8:00 AM,
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> 2012/4/3 michael noble <looplog@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Since the unofficial wiki seems to have disappeared, the documentation
>> of the "Jack and Loopback device as Alsa-to-Jack bridge" has gone with
>> it. Neither google cache nor the wayback machine fare able to serve a
>> copy of the page. There are plenty of references to the wiki page on
>> the web, but no-one seems to have mirrored the page. Does anyone
>> happen to have a copy of the documentation lying around?
>> Michael

FWIW: I originally set up the AJ Bridge as described in those pages. I
have now replaced it with the zita apps and am pleased with the

I will check to see if I made off-line copies of the AJ Bridge
stuff...but have to wait til I get home to check.

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