Re: Some overcompressed electro that'll never get finnished

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On 03/29/12 01:41, Gabbe Nord wrote:

Last summer I tried making some electro with Linux, and here's the result I
got. It's overcompressed (brick waveform hehe) and really not that worked
through, but perhaps it can give someone pleasure!
This project was one of those that got lost in "evolvement", you find new
tools and evolve as a producer or whatever. I just felt that I'll never
finnish this without completely remaking the tracks, so instead of just
letting the exports sit around in my computer I figured I might share it
with all of you =).

Both tracks were mixed in ardour2, sequenced in mainly seq24 + hydrogen,
with some synths from LMMS, and various other instruments.

Anyway, maybe someone can find it atleast interesting to have a listen to!


I like it. The compression is a bit of a shame but it also gives these tracks a warm and dark feeling at once. And the (unintended?) sidechain compression is like a bonus Interesting sounds passing by, from some of them I'd love to know how you created them. especially the lead synth of Pulse and the ethereal riffs that sound like some guitar synth going through a distortion of some kind. Pulse is also the track I like most.


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