Re: Linuxsampler lscp for Sonatina Symphony Orchestra

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On Tuesday 03 April 2012 00:32:54 Peter Crighton wrote:
> The great, but rather unknown DAW OpenOctave has a template for using
> it together with the Sonatina Symphony Orchestra loaded in
> LinuxSampler. So there has to be an LSCP file somewhere…
there is an oomidi-template.lscp in its share/templates folder and a test.lscp 
gets placed in individual project folders.

Since I have yet to hear this thing work, I cannot comment whether these do 
it. There may be case-inconsitencies between the names in this file and the 
patch file names and the paths given. I am copying the patches to the paths in 
this file.

The file is produced by JSampler which I assume is a java frontend for 
linuxsampler. Anybody have this?
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