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Hello LAUsers

You may be in a similar position to me, where for some time you've been hacking away at Hydrogen for your drumming needs, but then along comes the excellent Salamander Drumkit by Rytmenpinne in all it's .SFZ glory[1]. There are some great Hydrogen kits available like the two GSCW's[2] and Big Mono[2], but when I first heard Rytmenpinne's Salamander examples I had to have a go.

I use Ardour3 for all the heavy lifting for my recording, but switching to it from Hydrogen for hand-programming MIDI drum patterns has been for me, a little clunky. So just yesterday I set to the task of getting Hydrogen to talk direct to Linuxsampler (via Jsampler/Fantasia) in order to get the Salamander kit singing. I didn't actually know how to do it, but the qjackctl showed me a jack-midi hydrogen-out connection so I realised the capability was in there somewhere.

The results are available here:

	http://www.box.com/s/c0ee8662168a273ae474 - The linuxsampler .lscp file
	http://www.box.com/s/6a9073928d1853952b13 - The .h2drumkit file
	http://www.box.com/s/d6731d2515d335f149af - The .h2song file
	http://www.box.com/s/e273e7fc8646c7ca3c9d - And an .ogg example
	http://soundcloud.com/stuzz/hydrogen-salamander - The same .ogg example

For the .lscp file I only used Salamander's "All.sfz" file, and I *think* the only tweak you'll need to get it to work is your location of that file. Although, even though the JACK connections are specified in that file aswell, they don't seem to auto-connect, so you'll need to do that too.

I haven't investigated completely, but the 2 .h2 files are there because 1) The .h2drumkit contains the 30 instruments in the kit, and what I named them, and 2) I'm pretty sure the MIDI-out note for each instrument is stored in the .h2song file, and not the .h2drumkit :(

With any luck I'm not Pat Malone in my drum recording workflow, and this will help others.

Good luck!

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