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2012/3/28 Ken Restivo <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
As requested, I have put all of the synth patches I used to use for live and studio work, up on GitHub:

They're for AMS, PHASEX, and WhySynth, which were the main non-sample-based synths I used.

Many, if not most, of the patches were based on one preset or another that came with the synths, so I'll guess they should be licensed the same as the synths, which IIRC was GPL. Sorry to be so murky about it, but I just don't remember.

In any case, clone away, and enjoy.

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Just the other day I was asking you about your patches. This is perfect for I am gathering patches, templates, fx, etc to be included on the next Musix and linked in our wiki.

I'm looking forward to try them myself.

As always, thank you so much for this, Ken.

Carlos sanchiavedraz
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