Re: More stuff from the vaults, PHASEX and AMS insanity

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On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 12:53:05AM -0700, Ken Restivo wrote:
> This one is from the end of 2008; it is an outtake from a "Me And My Cronies" CD.
> It heavily features PHASEX in the beginning and middle, and AMS towards the end.
> It is highly experimental noisy dissonant electronic jazz.
> And it's 14 minutes long.
> Jeeebus.... what were we thinking?
> This might be a good track to clear out a party at the end of the night, when you really wish everyone would go home.
> I made it to about 3 minutes in, then I just couldn't take it anymore. 

I'm not sure whether I ever heard anything of yours before, but this
just blew me away. This is Miles-Electric'ish with a modern twist.
Fourteen minutes of guys kicking back and seriously jersking off: I
love it! If you have any more like this one, please share them. My only
complaint is that the mix is kind of opaque and really doesn't do it

I'll be keeping this track around.


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