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Le 24/03/2012 18:07, Andreas Degert a écrit :
Am 24. März 2012 14:30 schrieb Fred<f.rech@xxxxxxxx>:
on the 2 Debian (Squeeze and audio optimized) multiboot system used here the
same error occured.
I can't figure out what is the problem, nor find anything on the web when
search the last line of output.
Any help will be appreciate !

Here is the output :

[265/301] cxx: src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp ->
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp: In member function ‘virtual bool
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:100: error: ‘GDK_KEY_Escape’ was not
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:2338: error: ‘GDK_KEY_0’ was not
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:2338: error: ‘GDK_KEY_9’ was not
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:2339: error: ‘GDK_KEY_1’ was not
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:2342: error: ‘GDK_KEY_KP_0’ was not
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:2342: error: ‘GDK_KEY_KP_9’ was not
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:2343: error: ‘GDK_KEY_KP_1’ was not
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:2346: error: ‘GDK_KEY_a’ was not
../src/gx_head/gui/gx_main_window.cpp:2346: error: ‘GDK_KEY_z’ was not
I searched for changes in gdkkeysyms.h : 2010-09-08 was a change where all
GDK_xxx symbols were renamed to GDK_KEY_xxx. So if you change "GDK_KEY_"
to "GDK_" I hope it will compile. I'll think about the best way to make Guitarix
compile with both versions (don't know if I can do it today, I'm not at home).


Thanks for your answer Andreas,

2 other errors comes :

266/301 ...
Build failed: -> task failed (err #1):
{task: cxx liveplay.cpp -> liveplay.o}

is fixed with GDK without KEY

[269/301] cxx: src/gx_head/gui/gx_jack_options.cpp -> build/default/src/gx_head/gui/gx_jack_options.o ../src/gx_head/gui/gx_jack_options.cpp: In member function ‘virtual bool gx_gui::SelectJackControlPgm::on_key_press_event(GdkEventKey*)’: ../src/gx_head/gui/gx_jack_options.cpp:90: error: ‘GDK_KEY_Escape’ was not declared in this scope
Waf: Leaving directory `/home/f/Téléchargements/guitarix-0.22beta1/build'
Build failed: -> task failed (err #1):
{task: cxx gx_jack_options.cpp -> gx_jack_options.o}


And then it compiles ok :-))
Have a nice weekend,

Ah, si chaque grain de sable choisissait d'apporter sa goutte d'eau, hein ?

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