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On 03/21/12 01:44, Rafael Vega wrote:
I'm very happy with the 3 hours I've spent with Seq24. It's much closer
to my way of composing than other timeline based editors :)

I have some questions:

* I'm using version 0.9.2 that supports Jack session, according to However, when I save a
session in QJackCtrl, a folder for seq24 is not created. Any config
option that I'm missing, maybe???

* Is there a way to set the playhead possition while on song mode?

No. Unless you use a different Jack master. I use Qtractor for this.

* When looping netween L and R markers in song mode, transport slaves
don't loop, they just keep going, is this a bug?

Yes. Seq24 has Jack transport issues. I use Qtractor's loop mode for this even though seq24 and Hydrogen (especially the latter) don't like this.

* Which app do you guys recommend for use along with Seq24 for playing
wave loops? I'm thinking something that allows me to open a wave file,
set the number of bars and then trigger it with seq24. Ideally it would
stretch the wave according to tempo and bar length.





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