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On 03/21/2012 12:16 AM, Reuben Martin wrote:
> On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 08:04:30 AM Thomas Vecchione wrote:
>> Out of curiosity, to expand on this slightly, what are people using that is
>> GStreamer compatible?  I have a BlackMagic Studio card that is going to be
>> accepting HD-SDI and I can purchase the driver for it, but the interface is
>> GStreamer compatible only is my understanding (Not a standard V4L or V4L2
>> interface) so I am curious if anyone has done similar.

You can always get out of gstreamer:

gst-launch ... ! fdsink \
 | ffmpeg # or sth.

> Assuming you mean the "Decklink Studio Card", the drivers are free. Anything can
> interface with it that uses their API.
> I use a DeckLink HD Extreme 3D for streaming quite a bit.
> decklink-ffmpeg ----(pipe)----> ffmpeg h264/aac+/flv encoder ----(rtmp push)----> CDN  ----(rtmp pull)----> Web Browser w/ flash

interesting. Would you mind sharing the ffmpeg commandline?
What software do you use for transport segmenting?

May I ask what content delivery network you are using? Are you paying
for it or did you roll your own?

I've recently experimented a bit with

It worked, but not reliably. At some point I gave up and went back to
dual solution: ffserver (flv, x264, nellymoser - single-server)  and
icecast2 (ogg, vorbis, theora - multiple servers w/relay). Both driven
at the same time by custom c code (basically a fancy 'tee (1)'). It
still leaves default apple handhelds in the dark; but I learned to stop
worrying and love punishing proprietary lock-in :)


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