Any hints how to avoid a bad screen resolution and to keep a kernel-rt?

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Hi :)

since Arch upgraded X, the still supported nv driver won't work with my
kernel-rt. For other Linux installs there isn't the nv driver available.

Violating the GPL isn't an option, since for different reasons there's
no guarantee that this will work all the times without much work.

Nouveau is pestilence on my machine.

I'm not willing to use vesa, since it doesn't support the resolution I
wish to use.

Pfff! What graphics can be used that at least for non-rt-kernels could
be used with 3D acceleration and will provide without 3D acceleration
any screen resolution, without having a bad impact to audio and MIDI?

The integrated Radeon X1250 won't work with 3D acceleration, a GeForce
7200GS replace the ATI, it was ok with the proprietary driver for non-rt
kernels and using the nv driver it worked with rt kernels. Nouveau
doesn't work the way I expect a driver to work.

Now the nv driver doesn't work anymore.


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