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On 03/12/2012 08:22 PM, Jari Suominen wrote:
Could you explain in more
detail what is actually going on so I could investigate a bit.

Probably restoring connections between Yoshimi JACK MIDI ports and ports created by a2jmidid:

-u     forces a2jmidid to generate non-unique port names (see NOTES)

ALSA does not guarantee client names to by unique. I.e. it is possible to have two apps that create two clients with same ALSA client name. JACK however requires port names to be unique. To ensure this unique‐ness, a2jmidid will add the unique numeric ALSA client ID to the JACK port name. However this behaviour is known to be problematic when restoring connections using simplistic tools like aj-snapshot and jack_connect. In order to make them work, the -u option can be used. This option will cause a2jmidid to omit the numeric ALSA Client ID from JACK port names. In this mode, ALSA client name uniqueness must be guartanteed externally

(from the a2jmidid man page, git checkout as of 2011-08-03)


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