Re: My JX-8P is dead, any SW based synth that can handle the heritage? :-(

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At the moment I've got no time to listen to your links.

>From Roland I only own a MT-32. If you don't use it as a preset Synth,
but program and then use the pseudo analog section only, even this "toy"
sounds amazing, but of cause not typically Roland like.

When Dirk Brauner and I still were friends, I liked to borrow one of his
Roland Juno 106. This synth is one of my favourites, even if the sound
might not be as rich as that of the 6 and 60.

In the early 80s the JX-3P and Yamaha DX7 were released at the same
time. Dirk preferred and bought a JX-3P. It wasn't easy to get a DX7,
because everybody wanted one, hence they tried to sell me a JX-3P too,
but I decided to get a DX7. It was the right choice for me, but even the
JX-3P in some way is as amazing as the Juno and Jupiter series are.

Btw. I'm or at least was a guitarist and I'm not and never was a
keyboarder, but those CV gate to MIDI thingies always did a good job, at
least for e.g. the Prophet 5 version a friend has got. FWIW IMO the
Studio 440 and Prophet 2000 sound amazing. I would avoid buying a 2000,
regarding to the faulty chip, but I would like to get a 440, same sound,
but the sound doesn't unwanted jump back and forth.

- Ralf

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