Re: My JX-8P is dead, any SW based synth that can handle the heritage? :-(

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> I realize that nothing is like the real thing, but hope that i can
> find something that's close enough, or even better.

Google for survival kits and CEM/Curtis chips. If you just wish to get
the sounds characteristics of some vintage synth and you should be
willing to use Apple or Microsoft, than you'll find some proprietary
soft synth there. I dunno if they will do something similar to the sound
you need from the JX-8P. If you need the full CEM sound quality, than
you definitively get stuck.

For FM synth, Linux provides Hexter, the characteristics are close to a
DX7, but far away to it's sound quality. I don't know any Linux synth
emulator that has anything to do with an old analog synth. They are nice
synth, but without the intensity of vintage analog synth. For Apple and
Microsoft you'll find some analog synth emulations that are comparable
to the difference between Hexter and a DX7. You won't get closer to
vintage synth than that.

Better? If you expect something completely new, than yes, you might find
something better, but if you expect something that sounds like vintage
synth, than all soft synth are less good, far away from the originals.

There isn't a voodoo soft synth, they all sound similar to the soft
synth you already tested.


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