My JX-8P is dead, any SW based synth that can handle the heritage? :-(

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My Roland JX-8P is dead, and it's getting harder and harder and more 
expensive to get new ones that's reliable and repairable. I got my first 
one back in 1987 and the last one 3 years ago. I'm looking for the pad 
and strings/brass sounds that synths like Juno 60/106 and JX-8P could 
produce. You wonder what on earth I'm talking about? Watch, or listen to 
this, it totally rocks:

The problem is that there's  nothing quite like them AFAIK and I'm lost 
when it come to tweak synths like for example zynaddsubfx/yoshimi wich 
seem to be able to deliver. Another one, Loomer Aspect, is one that i 
might tweak, but it does not work in my Ubuntu 10.04 studio.

So my question is: Does it exist a real Linux analog-sounding, 
subtractive, chrash free and maintained SW synth that can match or 
substitute the HW above? I've sniffed at great synths like amSynth, AMS, 
but they don't sound that 8P-ish in my ears - on the other hand, it might 
be me that's not good at tweaking them. Is it anybody here who knows both 
the great analogue sounding Rolands and sw synths that can put me in the 
right direction?

Thanks, Jostein

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