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2012/3/8 Rui Nuno Capela <rncbc@xxxxxxxxx>
On 03/07/2012 09:42 PM, Fons Adriaensen wrote:
Hello all,

I wonder if I'm the only one experiencing this problem with
Qjackctl. Anyway I haven't seen any other reports of it.
The problem is so obvious that I myself never bothered to
report it - it's the thing you exect fixed in the next
release. But apprently it never gets fixed.

To the facts now: almost every day when I use it, and for
the last years, Qjackctl get into some cramp in which it

- refuses to make some connections,
- or refuses to show them,
- or makes them and then disconnects them immediately.

I don't know what triggers this, but it could be related to apps
making lots of ports connections in a short time and Qjackctl's
idea of current connections getting out of sync with reality.
Given Jack's APi for this that is no big surprise, but what really
messes up things is that Qjackctl apparently has no means to recover
and refresh its connections database from scratch. The only option
is to terminate it (which takes Jack and all apps with it, unless
Jack was started separately).

i had never seen this kind of trouble, but again i seldom run hundreds of port (dis|re)connections in probably short time

don't the "connections "refresh" button is of any help here, perhaps? i mean, instead of a proverbial stop/start?

since last qjackctl released version (>= 0.3.8) the "refresh" button does a complete rebuild of all connection listings instead of using some or any previously cached items which i think is the culprit of potential race conditions, specially if you're disconnecting and/or reconnecting (a lot of) ports with same literal names on so short notice


in my case the number of connections is very limited, and the refresh button is not enough, it needs a restart Qjack to update the connections correctly (that is only Qjack, not jackd)
i'll see if i can find a simple way to reproduce 

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