Re: Simple hardware & software for digitizing analog audio recordings

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david wrote:
Thanks, Clemens! I don't care whether the ADC is PCIe or USB, as long as
it does what I need at an affordable price. Either interface should
still be usable on my next computer system (low-end desktop, probably
later this year).

Hmm, for some reason I thought you were looking only for USB devices. If PCI is an option (is PCIe backwards compatible?)

Thanks for replying, David! No, I'm looking for something that will work with my next computer (whatever it might be, probably near-low-end desktop), and I see some of the new ones don't have any PCI slots, just PCIe, in addition to USB ports. I don't /think/ PCIe is backwards compatible. Anyway, I went ahead and decided that the Behringer UCA 202 would be good enough for my purposes, and have ordered one from Amazon.

Mine works fine. Gnome Wave Cleaner is easier - it doesn't have all the tools that Audacity has. Could be useful to run your recordings through it first, then finish up in Audacity.

That definitely sounds worth trying. One nice thing is that I can try numerous approaches, then decide which one sounds best to me. I can even make this a two-part project -- once I've gotten everything worth saving into some digital format, I can leave the digital signal processing until some future time.


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