Re: Simple hardware & software for digitizing analog audio recordings

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On 03/06/2012 09:23 AM, Adam wrote:
Clemens Ladisch wrote:
Anything that would fit into that PCIe x16 slot or a USB port --
I just need something that will accept line-level stereo inputs.
I'm hoping to find something decent in the US $40-80 range, new or used.
There aren't many PCIe sound cards; the cheapest is the Xonar DX, which
is slightly above this range when new, but has an excellent ADC.

USB devices tend to cost more than comparable cards, but there are
stereo recording interfaces where you don't have to pay for 7.1 outputs
or a Dolby Digital license. Such devices would be, e.g., the Behringer
UCA202 (which is cheap) or the Roland/Cakewalk UA-1G (which is not).

Thanks, Clemens! I don't care whether the ADC is PCIe or USB, as long as
it does what I need at an affordable price. Either interface should
still be usable on my next computer system (low-end desktop, probably
later this year).

Hmm, for some reason I thought you were looking only for USB devices. If PCI is an option (is PCIe backwards compatible?), Audiophile 2496 is a very good card for what you want to do. More expensive UCA-202, but not as expensive as the UA-1G, IIRC. Works very well with Linux.

Of the three devices you mention (Xonar DX, Behringer UCA-202, Roland
UA-1G), how do they compare in performance? How much of an improvement
would the additional cost of the Xonar or Roland offer? It looks like
approximate prices (US dollars) are $100 for the Xonar (which includes
7.1 outputs and Dolby licensing that I don't need), $80 for the Roland,
and $40 for the Behringer. I assume the ratio of prices would be
comparable in other currencies.

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