Re: Simple hardware & software for digitizing analog audio recordings

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Hakan Koseoglu wrote:
On 5 March 2012 02:37, Adam<adam707@xxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Can anyone recommend (or disparage) any particular hardware and software for
digitizing sound recordings?
Behringer UCA-202 (I believe now also comes as UCA-222, I haven't
spotted the difference) works. It's not high end, available around
£20-25 range and takes in RCA style output from your preamp /
receiver. I got one and use it for podcasts. It's one of the most
basic and reasonably function-filled (has in-line monitoring etc.) USB
sound cards. I use Timemachine to record data from Jack and then edit
it later with Audacity if there's need and use Ardour to do the

Thanks VERY much, Hakan! The UCA-202 (or maybe UCA-222) sounds like it should do exactly what I'm looking for, at a relatively low price. I also see several other users have seconded your recommendation.


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