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On 03/01/2012 01:24 AM, Julien Claassen wrote:
Hi Alexander!
I've had a nice long play with the Salamander drumkit tonight, I got my own key layout, which anyone interested can find here:
Beyond the switching of the key layout I had to do one other thing and that was to remove the seq_length=10 from the snare2off, since that didn't allow me to really play it in my LinuxSampler. I got the svn from yesterday, so it's new enough. :-) I substituted the snare2off for the missing third (high) tom and it works wonderfully. Well after playing I can only say: The sun has risen and shone brightly on me! ah, what a lovely sound and playbility! I might need to reconsider the decision or too in my layout, but it is just pure joy to play it, from metal to prog, rock and pop - I'm not good at jazz :-( - I've done it all and not found it wanting. I'll probably dream of drums tonight. :-) Great job Alexander! It must have been a tremendous effort, to record it and then clip it all to the correct sampling points and find the right layering and everything. It's simply superb and yes now I REALLY am looking forward to using it in one of my next pieces!
  Enthsed rhythmics - aehm regards

Kind words :)

That "seq_length" isn't actually supposed to be there since the indivudal samples are on hirand and lorand, that probably gives some unexpected behaviour.. I found another bug too, with the bellchime;

"<region> sample=OH\bellchime_F_2.wav lorand=0.33 hirand=0.66s" <-- shouldn't be an 's' there And, lovel=60 hivel=127, lovel shjould be 0.. or for a cleaner fix, remove the opcodes completely.

I've also noticed an issue conserning the fact that I've normalized all samples post export.. The problem is that the samples doesn't necessarely fade to -inf, making some clicks and pops.. It's really only noticable on the kick samples tho..

As far as the hihat go, you can add the closed samples to "group=1" then they also mute the open hats.. for some reason it doesn't work on the semiopen hats.. don't know if it's a bug or not... it has something to do with them being on the same key however..

And another tomtom I don't have :P or I do have the 10" which is in the picture, but it doesn't sound very good atm, I have to do some maintanance work on it :P. You could simply let LS pitch one of the toms by setting "pitch_keycenter=50" and "keycenter=52" that would make it pitch a whole note.. I haven't tried it but it could work reasonably good...
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