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Hi Alexander!
I've had a nice long play with the Salamander drumkit tonight, I got my own key layout, which anyone interested can find here:
Beyond the switching of the key layout I had to do one other thing and that was to remove the seq_length=10 from the snare2off, since that didn't allow me to really play it in my LinuxSampler. I got the svn from yesterday, so it's new enough. :-) I substituted the snare2off for the missing third (high) tom and it works wonderfully. Well after playing I can only say: The sun has risen and shone brightly on me! ah, what a lovely sound and playbility! I might need to reconsider the decision or too in my layout, but it is just pure joy to play it, from metal to prog, rock and pop - I'm not good at jazz :-( - I've done it all and not found it wanting. I'll probably dream of drums tonight. :-) Great job Alexander! It must have been a tremendous effort, to record it and then clip it all to the correct sampling points and find the right layering and everything. It's simply superb and yes now I REALLY am looking forward to using it in one of my next pieces!
  Enthsed rhythmics - aehm regards

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