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On 02/28/2012 07:47 PM, alexander wrote:

Wow, this just gets better! ..and you even mention than on your
website. Well, thanks for explaining.

FWIW. It took me 5 mins to figure out how to do that with seq24.
for reference: /sustain/ corresponds to the
[0xB0] Control Change - 64 Hold Pedal (on/off)
Event message.

However, the sustain value is not dynamic. I can choose the "openness"
of the hi-hat on attack, but changing the value after it has been hit
does not make a difference. But no problem. I managed to get the desired
effect by choosing a suitable sustain (here: 50) for open-hi-hathit and
zero sustain for the follow-up closed (8th notes @ 120bpm, volume 86,
102 respectively). Cool.
Yes, that's the way it works, when cc64 is at 50, samples from that
layer will trig on 'note-on', and when it's on 20, the samples from that
layer trig and so on. Making the hihat gradually close withouth trigging
new notes would probably be abit more complex, tho not necesearly

May I ask what sequencer you've used to create the "IT NEEDS MORE
COWBELL!" / test13 demo on your website? It's very well done.


I programmed it in ardour3beta.. It doesn't have the best midi
programming tools/work-flow just yet, but I've become somewhat more used
to it than before. And in it's current beta state it also has some wierd
random behaving bugs that has an unfortunate tendency to annoy and
interupt the creative flow..

There is or I probably should say was, the tendency to blame the user for workflow flaws in the world of Linux(audio)! The concept 'Creative workflow' didn't even seem to exist on Linux. From Ardour3 stable (don't expect truly stable behavior from a beta version) we will blame the software from now on! Deal? ;)

Nice drumkit btw



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