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On 02/25/2012 05:04 PM, alexander wrote:
> Enough checking and tweeking, somethings bound to be wrong anyway :P
> have fun with it!
Thanks. Wow, the kit sounds truly amazing. It's very natural and is fun
to play with!

I have not used linuxsampler for quite a while and have a question
related to using this kit with it:

I want to hit the open hi-hat and then close it by foot - or rather do
the MIDI equivalent with seq24. How can I get that sound?

with other midi-kits I achieved this by
 1) sending a open-hi-hat Note-on
 2) wait :)
 3) send open-hi-hat Note-off at the same time as a foot and/or
closed-hi-hat Note-on.

However with The Salamander Drumkit and linuxsampler the Note-off is
ignored and the open-hi-hat keeps ringing..

IOW how do I amputate the extra feet from the virtual drummer and remove
two of the three hit-hats from this virtual kit to make it sound
realistic :)

rock on!
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