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On 26/02/12 1:44 PM, Bearcat M. Şandor wrote:
On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 06:04:13PM +0200 alexander wrote:
Enough checking and tweeking, somethings bound to be wrong anyway :P

have fun with it!

I love the sound of this set. Clean and realistic sounding! How difficult would
it be for someone to make this compatable with hydrogen?

I've tried some large kits in Hydrogen, and it uses a tonne of RAM to load them -- while running the BigMono kit from Analogue Drums, for instance, which is about 150MB of sample data, it used about 500MB of RAM. I'm not sure how well it would fare with a kit this large!

LinuxSampler streams audio data from disk on demand, though, so a 480MB kit like the Salamander is no trouble at all. I've been using LinuxSampler as an LV2 plugin within Ardour 3, and while there are some problems with the current state of things (GIG files are fine, but SFZ files need to be reloaded manually after restarting the session), I'm hoping those will be ironed out soon.

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