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On 02/13/2012 12:48 PM, thijs van severen wrote:
2012/2/11 Jeremy Jongepier<jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Remixing Leigh's (Pneuman) track is simply taking me too long and the
baby's due next week so I'm just releasing this remix. It's not finished
though but I will probably never finish it, for the moment I have enough of
all the quirks of the software I'm using.

Here's the remix, hope you like it. Actually it's not really a remix but
basically a complete new song.


sounds prety f#%&ing good to me !!

Thanks Thijs!

i _SO_ know the feeling  :-(
still, thanks so much for your bug reports, and if it is any comfort : the
jack port renaming issues *should* be fixed in the next 0.9.6beta, and we
really are working on making hydrogen 0.9.6 the most stable release ever.
so by the time your newborn sleeps trough the night, and you have regained
full consciousness there will be a reborn 0.9.6 waiting for you  ;-)

Very good to know. And sorry about the negative feedback, that also applies to seq24. I was simply angry yesterday evening and should've slept over it and post the day after.


i hope so too !

Will do :)




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