Re: First release: LinuxBand 12.02 Beta

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On Sunday 12 February 2012 22:26:50 Ales Nosek wrote:
> Hi all,
> just to introduce myself. I'm a developer mainly in C++ and Java on Linux
> platform. In my free time I like to play jazz guitar. To accompany my
> improvisation practicing I has been using MIDI files generated by MMA. To
> facilitate writing of MMA files and playing them back I created LinuxBand.
> I hope you'll enjoy it.
> Ales
> LinuxBand is a GUI front-end for MMA (Musical MIDI
> Accompaniment)<>.
> Type in the chords, choose the groove and LinuxBand will play a musical
> accompaniment for you.
> It’s an open source alternative to Band-in-a-Box featuring:
>    - Easy to use graphical interface
>    - Open and well-documented data format
>    - Output to JACK Midi <> to facilitate co-operation
>    with other audio applications
> Home page:
> Project page:

Cool. Looking forward to playing with this.

Being a dedicated Jammer-Pro user for all these years (works almost 100% using 
Wine), an opensource alterntive is great news. More styles and riffs, use them 
both! Humanize the MIDI with the Ntonyx Style Enhancer -- I've been with this 
one since they made it, also works maybe 90% ("destructive" editing only) 
using Wine. Then on to ... choose one: Ardour, Rosegarden, Qtractor, etc. (ex-
windows Cakewalk user).
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