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Hi, I've got a friend who would like to try out linux for audio and
he's asking me for help. He's totally new to linux and it's been a
while since I've used super-begginner's documentation, so I'm asking
you for help.

So, what distro should I reccomend him? is Ubuntu Studio 64 maintained
and well documented? Or better go with vanilla Ubuntu?
I know many like AVLinux, but I guess for a total newbie Ubuntu is
safer since it's easier to find docs online and help when you get stuck
with something (and sooner or later that happens when learning a new

Passed that, I'd like to point him to some good not-outdated
docs, bonus points if in italian. For starters a little
simple guide on setting up Qjackctl, maybe with screenshots, would be

Generally speaking, if you have any suggestions of things I should or
should not tell him, you're more than welcome.

BTW currently I think he's using fruity loops on windows.

Also, a while ago I had found an italian forum on linux audio, but now
I've lost it - anyone has a link?

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