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On 12/22/06, Kenton Brede <kbrede@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks to both of you for your replies.  You've helped me identify the
problem.  I'm trying to assemble the code on an x86_64 system.  I
tried the code using two identical versions of as, except one was 64
bit and the other 32.  The assembly code assembled fine on the 32 bit.

So I don't know if the code simply doesn't work with the 64 bit CPU or
the language of the program doesn't work with the 64 bit assembler.

The longmode/64bit mode of the AMD64s doesn't do pushing of
32bits only 8 and 64bits AFAIR. I'll have to investigate myself why/what
the technical reasoning behind that is/was but it's currently for me
JustOneOfThoseThingsInLife(TM) ;^)

Hendrik Visage
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