Re: GAS colorr pixel problem

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Given that everything ultimately resolves to assembly
language (try the -S gcc option when compiling), yes,
you can do graphics on the monitor.

On the other hand, I've been an assembly language programmer
for 30 years, and I would not even consider doing this
in assembly language. In my view, the main reason for
learning assembly language these days is to gain an
understanding of how computers actually work.


On Wed, 2006-11-22 at 13:54 -0500, A D wrote:
> Hello there! I'm new to x86 gnu assembly language and
> trying to learn it. I've a question: is it possible to draw
> a filled rectangle on monitor using gas? How do i
> color individual pixel on my monitor? If anyone can
> just give me the theory behind it or be kind enough to
> write the source code I would appreciate it. Thanks.
> --STeve

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